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Natural Food  
1. ALFA ALFA (Leaf Powder)
Scientific Information
Rare Vitamins reduce Arthritis ,Rheumatism and swelling of legs. Chlorophyll helps enhance hemoglobin levels and removes Toxins and old drug deposits.
2. SUN POPS (sunflower seeds)
Scientific Information
Vitamin E prevents oxidation of Chloestrol preventing heart attacks
Scientific Information
treatment of non-insulin dependent diabetes, cholesterol control, vitamin-A deficiency, malnutrition & cancer patient undergoing chemotherapy. Its formulation with other natural products as a general health supplement helps in liver disorder, burn therapy. Skin grafting & obesity control
4. WHEAT GRASS (Powder / Tablets)
Scientific Information
Chlorophyll helps enhance Hemoglobin levels and removes Toxins and old drug deposits.
Dietary Fibers reduces reduce ‘s constipation Acidity, Gas and Indigestion.
Helpful to Cancer Patients.
5. STEVIA: Sweet Leaves ( Sugarless Sugar )

Below these products are certified , Organic certified by SGS India Pvt. Ltd.
Organic Spices (Ginger, Turmeric, Chillies & Garlic)

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